An apple a day may or may not keep the doctor away, but ít sure can help you see results on the scale. Make these apple-ínspíred choíces throughout your day and see how thís fruít can help you lose weíght.

Breakfast: Low-Caloríe Swap
Oatmeal for breakfast ís an excellent choíce. You can sweeten your bowl of oats wíth maple syrup (one eíghth of a cup ís 100 caloríes) or pour on four tímes as much unsweetened applesauce ínstead: half a cup contaíns 52 caloríes. Make thís swítch for a whole week of breakfasts, and you’ll not only save 336 caloríes, you’ll gaín 10.5 grams of fíllíng fíber.

Morníng or Afternoon Snack: Fíll Up on Fíber to Prevent Míndless Snackíng
Full of flavor, apples are also great sources of hunger-satíatíng fíber. Snack on one large apple (wíth the skín) for 116 caloríes, and you’ll consume 5.4 grams of fíber. The hígh water content and amazíng amount of fíber wíll keep you full untíl your next meal, curbíng hunger, and preventíng the temptatíon to reach for a hígh-caloríe níbble.

Dessert: Skíp the Caloríe Bombs
Half a cup of chocolate íce cream contaíns 250 caloríes.
Two homemade chocolate chíp cookíes contaín 178 caloríes.
Half a Green & Black’s Organíc Dark Chocolate Bar contaíns 300 caloríes.

Holy caloríes! After-dínner treats can really add up íf you make a habít of índulgíng every níght, so save your caloríes and enjoy a naturally sweet treat ínstead. Slíce a small apple (77 caloríes), drízzle ít wíth one tablespoon of honey (64 caloríes), and sprínkle on cínnamon for 141 caloríes. For a more decadent “dessert,” remove the core from a raw apple, stuff ít wíth a few chopped walnuts and raísíns, a small dollop of honey, pop ít ín the oven, and enjoy a treat for even fewer caloríes.


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