No matter how well you follow your diet or fitness routine, there is usually some cheating and lying involved — and not just fibs you tell about what you’re really eating when no one is looking.

Myth: Snacking Is Always a Bad Idea

The good news is you don’t need to starve to lose weight. “The idea that you shouldn’t eat between meals is a myth,” says Pivonka.

One of the main reasons snacking has a bad rap is because of the choices we make from, say, vending machine that are packed with chips, cookies, candies, and other delectable.

Myth: No More Fast Food

“The big problem with fast food is that the sodium content is much higher than ideal, It’s a problem that might be hard to avoid, unless you stick to salads. At least try to skip the little salt packets. Here are some other healthy ideas from Magee:

Get a salad as a starter.
Choose the grilled chicken over fried, breaded chicken.
Get soft tacos instead of hard, crispy ones.
Keep the sauce and dressings on the side or scrape off as much as possible.”

Myth: Eating after 8 PM is a diet don’t.

It’s not when you eat, it’s what (and how much) you eat.
Myth: Certain Foods Make You Burn Calories

“A calorie is a calorie, regardless of where it comes from,” says Pivonka. There are no foods that increase your metabolic rate, or help you burn calories, she says. Even if certain foods do increase your metabolism, the amount is too insignificant to make it a magic bullet, says Magee.

Myth: If You Eat and Exercise Consistently, You Will Never Gain Weight

You need to be willing to make lifestyle changes and dietary adjustments as you age, change, and grow.