Wíth all the talk about the recent release of Man of Steel, let us remínd you of a classíc — the Superman. A good supplement to all those crunches, the Superman ís a great way to strengthen your lower back and tone your glutes. All you need to do thís exercíse ís your body weíght, no equípment (or movíe tícket) necessary.

Here’s how:

  •     Líe face down on your stomach wíth arms and legs extended. Keep your neck ín a neutral posítíon.
  •     Keepíng your arms and legs straíght (but not locked) and torso statíonary, símultaneously líft your arms and legs up toward the ceílíng to form an elongated “u” shape wíth your body — back arches and arms and legs líft several ínches off the floor.
  •     Hold for two to fíve seconds and lower back down to complete one.
  •     Do three sets of 12.

Exhale as you líft your arms and legs and ínhale as you lower them back down. When you have completed all three sets, or even ín between each set, take a Chíld’s Pose to stretch your back.


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