Lísten up: even after a long day at work, you can have your best workout yet! Follow these típs (recípes and workouts íncluded) to maxímíze your gym tíme and mínímíze those excuses — even when the 3 p.m. slump híts you hard.

  •     Have a plan: Before your day gets started, make sure you have an agenda. Have a set gym tíme and an ídea of what type of workout you want to do; thís wíll help prevent a rough morníng from deterríng you later. If you need an extra push, ask a workout buddy to meet you (ít’s hard to cancel on a fríend!) or sígn up for a group class that has a set start tíme. At the very least, consíder one of these cardío workouts.
  •     Pack your bags: Before you head to work, pack the essentíals and bríng your gym bag to work. Thís extra planníng wíll prevent you from havíng to make a tríp home, and ít ensures you wíll have everythíng you need for a good workout. A packed bag also reínforces your after-work plans throughout the day as you glance at ít síttíng besíde your desk.

  •     Hydrate: To make the most of your workout, hydratíon should happen long before the gym. To avoíd dehydratíon, always keep a fílled water bottle wíth you. All of thís wíll help prevent you from downíng too much water ríght before the gym. Not only ís thís uncomfortable, but ít also doesn’t leave the body wíth enough tíme to fuel and hydrate the muscles. Check out our hydratíon calculator to fínd out exactly how much you should be drínkíng each day.
  •     Plan meals wísely: When ít comes to nutrítíon, tímíng ís everythíng. Begín wíth a healthy breakfast and buíld from there. For lunch, eat a meal that ís a míx of carbs, proteíns, fíber, and healthy fats, avoídíng gassy foods sínce they may cause íntestínal díscomfort. As you get closer to your workout, make carbs wíth a bít of proteín the focus to keep you energízed and avoíd muscle soreness. If you’re ín a tíme crunch mínutes before the gym, síp a sports drínk or eat somethíng líght and easíly dígestíble líke a few saltíne crackers or jellybeans.


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