sex problem.

You are making love with your man and you climax but he doesn’t. Or at least he didn’t ejaculate. Should you be upset or even depressed? And should he too? .. 

Although most men may not know it, a man doesn’t have to have an ejaculation to have an orgasm. This phenomenon was first noted in 1950 by the renown sex researcher, Robert Kinsey. sex problem.Since then, modern sex researchers have found out that some men do not have an ejaculation until several moments after they climax, while other men during a protracted lovemaking session will have an ejaculation and an orgasm, and then go on to have, within that same lovemaking session, more orgasms, but minus any further ejaculations.

Men can have orgasm even without ejaculation Men who do not have ejaculations report they have other physiological experiences that can still be called orgasmic. They describe sensations of intense pleasure building up within the scrotum and genitals, and then a sense of release. Other men will feel a pulsing throughout their entire bodies. How much of these sensations are physical and how much psychological is not easy to tell. Either way, men who do not ejaculate still report at the time of their climax less voluntary pelvic thrusting and a contraction of the muscles of the penis. They also have elevated heart rate, blood pressure and respiration. Because a man does not have an ejaculation, that does not mean he is not experiencing the orgasmic pleasure. getty_rf_photo_of_couple_stressed_in_bedroom

Men’s health : Orgasm without ejaculation Sometimes men experience retrograde ejaculations when semen backs into the bladder during orgasm instead of exiting by way of the penis. The semen exits the body during urination. This can be caused by diabetes, various medications and surgery related to the sphincter muscles. But it is a harmless condition for men’s health. The lack of sperm ejaculated may be distressing to both partners if they don’t understand this dichotomy. But if he is enjoying the experience and so are you is it really a problem at all?

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